Under New Management

(Doesn’t that always suggest that it’ll be the same old crap but with a different face?) Anyway, this site is open for posting (if you know how). It has moved to .com but the .net address should still work just as well.

[A brief posting 101: click the “Log in” link down the righthand side of the home page and enter your credentials – good word, that. A dashboard will appear with “Add new” in the Posts box top right-ish. Click this and let rip. If I’ve set you up as an Editor, you’ll also be able to create and modify pages. If you’re not even registered, we’d love to have you on board as a Contributor.]

Most Editors will also have a member page. Louise‘s is an exemplary illustration of the general format: a sort of biog, plus links if you want, and then subpages of bits of writing or some such.

Keep an eye on the Marketplace and Free Downloads pages. Secret Bristol, or whatever we decide to call it, and other cool books will be for sale or for free, as it says on the tin. And much, much more is in the offing, so don’t watch that, watch this