Pylon is a zine of: poetry, short stories, essays and art that I wrote during 2010. Taking the punk diy ethic as the format, Pylon is completely hand produced on my little Epson ink jet printer and hand sewn. It has limited to a print run of 257 copies in a wide range of colours.

Intro – an essay about what Pylon is all about
New Tattoo – a performance poem I’ve read out at various events in and around Bristol
A Week at The Top – a fast paced short story about the abuse of the pop music business
In Praise of Running – an essay on why I run
Scavengers – a poem about discarded bicycles
Family Friendly – an essay about the changing face of music festivals
Literary Lout – another performance poem I’ve read out in Bristol
Self Portrait Number 32 – art in the abstract expressionist form
The Invasion – a poem about my pumpkin plant!
From Gravity to Gold – a short story about travelling to Glastonbury Festival
Cold – short poem about having a cold
Last Night – a haiku written after another lost night
White Christmas – flash fiction
Outro – a poem about where my life was, where it is, and where it is going

The above pieces are also interspaced with snippets of word art.

Currently available for £3 from Bloom and Curl on Colston Street and online via etsy.