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Online Membership

The real, live physical group is actually full at the moment but feel free to subscribe to the website (left). This will put you on the mailing list and you will receive whatever gets posted here.

Your friendly Webmaster will then promote you to a contributor. This means that you will be able to post to the website and we intend these posts to be pieces of writing that you want critiqued. Then visitors will be able to leave their comments on the pieces. The concept here is a sort of second-tier membership of the group while it is full. (Note that you don’t even have to be in Bristol to take advantage of this!)

New Member & New Look

Welcome back to Suzie, who as a core member of the Group can now edit pages and posts here as per How to Contribute to This Website. Those details have changed a tad since I last posted them if you want to refresh your memory. In particular the Calendar has taken on a life of its own with its own instructions. (Louise will also be able to see all this now that I’ve corrected her email address.)

Some areas still look ugly and I am tinkering with them as I get under the site’s new skin. If you see anything truly foul, tell me and I’ll get on to it as a priority.