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Our website is here to provide introductory information if you are looking for a creative writing workshop to join, as well as providing tools for current members.

To get the most from the group you need to be living in Bristol, otherwise we have found that travel becomes cumbersome. Also, we meet to critique each week in a different place – all over Bristol – which may be a consideration for you if you do not drive.

BWG is an informal group and we are always happy to hear from prospective new members who are committed to writing, and giving and receiving critiques, on a regular basis. If you just want to follow us, you can register as a subscriber to our blog.

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Here are details of publications from the Bristol Writers Group. These include projects that group members have collaborated on, some for the benefit of the local community.

Hidden Bristol

Stories of ghosts, tales of riots, anecdotes of love and legends of lost and forgotten Bristol. This anthology is the perfect companion to our evening of Thunderbolt Tales.

Ashton Walks

Five loosely linked short stories inspired by a walk in the Somerset countryside to the west of Bristol. This work grew out of an idea of writing a set of connected stories. We wanted to do something new, having already published on the themes of Hair and, unsurprisingly, Hidden Bristol.

One of our members, Terry Stew, inspired us to take a walk in the country and use our experiences to create short stories. And as a bonus they will all get a performance at the 2012 Bristol Festival of Literature.


Not long ago a group of poets, writers and slammers gathered together in St Andrew’s, Bristol, for ShedFest, probably Europe’s smallest literary festival. Each writer had five minutes to perform their work. Space and time was limited. The shed was used as a stage while the audience was packed onto the patio. In all fourteen writers performed their work. We laughed, we cried, we were even a little bit scared. This small anthology shows the range of talent that was showcased on that warm September evening.

Essay Writing

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Hair Pieces

A collection of 250-word short stories inspired by the word ‘Hair’. Enter shop for price